H. Brett Stonecipher


859.253.4700 Office

Lexington, KY

“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" Eric Idle

Brett has the practical mind of a civil engineer, the uncanny ability to take extremely complex situations and break them down into understandable concepts, and the kind of business sense that only comes from running your own business. He is one of the top Federal Black Lung attorneys in the Commonwealth, but that is just the starting point for the total value he brings to FKP.

Brett’s legal practice involves complicated procedural issues in administrative law, as well as complex medical issues. With his practical, rational approach to complex legal problems, Brett is able to focus on the heart of the issue, and create a strategic plan for implementation. He embraces every challenge, and enjoys finding solutions to complex contract, administrative, and medical issues.

Brett is a leader, not just in his growing Federal Black Lung practice, but in the firm as well. His unique ability to explain very complicated issues in a simple and understandable way make him a great resource for new associates, who have much to learn from his experience. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and empowering those around him to become better advocates.

Brett owned a small family business before going to law school, an experience that allows him to relate to his employer clients on a personal level. A rigorous defender of his clients, Brett’s favorite successes have come from saving his employer clients money by effectively positioning their cases for dismissal. He particularly enjoys deposing physicians, and has succeeded in entire cases based on the information he obtained from well-positioned depositions.

Brett’s leadership abilities along with his understanding of issues such as Federal Black Lung and mining related diseases and injuries are particularly helpful in his role as the Partner charged with overseeing the West Virginia office.  He works to ensure that office handles claims in the same consistent manor, with the same quality representation and work product as all Fogle Keller and Purdy offices.

An experienced advocate with a rational approach and hunger for favorable results, Brett is an invaluable member of the FKP legal team.

Areas of Expertise:
College Attended: Marquette
College Degree Earned: BSCE (Civil Engineering)
Law School Attended: University of Kentucky
Bar Membership: Kentucky
Bar Year: 1993