Business Succession and Continuity Planning

We recognize that it is the people in business that make a difference and we also understand that unexpected events happen in life. When it comes to your business, adequate preparation in the face of a storm can make the difference between profitability and bankruptcy. That is why our business attorneys advocate pro-actively for our clients, setting plans in place so that your business can continue in the event of an unexpected disaster.

With proper planning, FKW’s legal team can help position your business to survive and even increase profitability in the face of disaster.

Our business consultants help clients:

  • Implement partnership agreements that pro-actively address expectations
  • Establish roles and guidelines for resolving any disputes that may arise between owners
  • Draft employee benefit programs and employment guidelines in order to provide incentives for key employees retention
  • Identify financial and insurance needs to ensure that your business has assets at a time when you or your beneficiaries need them

If there are individuals you depend on for your business to run profitably, have you considered the consequence of an unexpected loss? What would happen if you were to get sick or if a key employee were to leave your organization for a competitor? FKW is here to help you secure the future success of your most valuable asset – your business.


If you have any questions, or for any additional information please feel free to get in touch with us.