Motor Vehicle

Automobile liability and uninsured motorist defense are complex areas of the law.  Our attorneys strive to provide comprehensive defenses for both individual clients and insurance carriers.

We have been recognized for our cutting edge, aggressive strategies to help auto insurance providers avoid fraudulent and excessive claims.  The motor vehicle liability defense team has experience in a host of matters, including:

  • Suspected fraudulent insurance claims
  • Motorcycle and recreational vehicle injury claim defense
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Injuries to pedestrians
  • Extra-contractual insurance issues
  • Automobile product liability claims
  • Large property damage claims

Importantly, the attorneys at FKW have a vast amount of experience in defending first-party claims against insurance carriers, including :

  • Under-insured motorist claims
  • Un-insured motorist claims
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Kentucky No-Fault coverage matters
  • “Bad faith” allegations

The motor vehicle liability team at FKW has a successful record in taking cases to trial and obtaining verdicts on behalf of our clients and carriers.  With each case, we will determine the best course of action for the matter at hand and will provide recommendations and analysis of the best possible way to bring a case to conclusion.  We can handle your case through the trial process, settlement or alternative dispute resolution.

We consult with both claims professionals and individual clients from the outset of the case, and develop a litigation plan that is specific to the claim presented.

This plan will generally include :

  • Preparation of written interrogatories
  • Requests for production of documents
  • Requests for admissions
  • Completion of all necessary depositions
  • Other measures which might be needed to effectively defend a case.

When necessary and appropriate, we will arrange for independent medical examinations, accident reconstruction experts, and biomechanical engineering evaluations.  When defending injury claims, we will obtain records relating to any prior or subsequent accidents, as well any information related to any relevant pre-existing medical conditions of a claimant.

Our motor vehicle liability defense team regularly handles third party claims, and will vigorously defend individual drivers who have been involved in motor vehicle collisions, and will provide aggressive, persuasive and ethical defenses. We work closely with our clients and strive to provide our clients with personal service which limits the amount of difficulty associated with litigation.

FKW is well aware of the high costs of litigation and our team works vigorously to ensure a cost-effective defense of each claim. We maintain regular communication with clients and claims professionals. We will provide thorough and attentive handling of each case we defend. Our team stays current on all essential motor vehicle liability decisions in order to provide informed and professional legal counsel. Our clients regularly depend on our in-depth understanding, professionalism, technology and most importantly, accessibilty.

In every case, the attorneys of FKW provide cost-conscious services that are designed to provide value added for the dollars spent. We have the experience needed to focus our efforts and your resources on effective strategies in the most efficient possible manner. You can be assured that all billing on your file will be for services rendered to add value and in furtherance of a desirable conclusion to the dispute.


If you have any questions, or for any additional information please feel free to get in touch with us.