Trusts and Estates

Unexpected catastrophes can happen.  By planning ahead, we help our clients to take control of their situations so that fewer problems arise later.  Ultimately, our goal with every Estate Plan is to empower our clients, so that they feel secure in knowing that their ultimate wishes will be carried out according to plan, regardless of what sort of unexpected tragedy hits.


Every family is unique, and we specifically tailor each Estate Plan to reflect that uniqueness.  FKP attorneys strive to listen to what our clients want and need, so that we can create the best legal strategy available for your particular situation.  Many details about your life may dictate what sort of plan you need, regardless of how specific or general


In some instances, we draft Trusts to accomplish our clients’ Estate Planning goals.  While not necessary for everyone, Trusts can be effective tools to provide for beneficiaries with special needs, to protect family assets from creditors, to take advantage of estate tax considerations, and even to provide for the grantor’s needs during life.


The attorneys at FKP strive to make sure every individual in the Commonwealth is prepared for the unexpected.  For some people, that requires a very simple set of documents at a low cost.  Other clients have greater needs, or more specific requests, which may require a complex Estate Planning structure.  Whether you want to protect your assets through a Will, you need a Trust to care for a disabled family member,  or you want to learn more about tax savings through Estate Planning, consider us a partner for your family’s Estate Planning needs.


If you have any questions, or for any additional information please feel free to get in touch with us.